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Principles We Live By

Keep Your Eye On The Main Objective

We minimize your risk and maximize your opportunity. Everything we do supports this goal.

"When dealing with a difficult property, it is easy to lose focus. A new development I recently analyzed was impacted by negative surrounding land uses and market limitations. I employed a proven methodology to test various alternative strategies. The developer is currently implementing my recommendations." - Sue Selle, President

Don't Be Afraid To Get Your Shoes Dirty

Some consultants never leave their ivory tower of data - which is why we don't think of ourselves as consultants. We're residential market analysts with a keen understanding of the builder's side of the business. Like you, we walk the land, go on frame walks, and talk to homebuyers directly.

Genesis strives to exceed customer expectations through our committed employees' teamwork. Our products and services enable us to provide the most comprehensive and action-oriented housing analysis in the real estate industry and to create partnerships with our clients that result in successful real estate developments. Genesis is your sounding board, your strategic partner, your competitive advantage.

Thickness Is Not Thoroughness

You won't find formulaic thinking and unsubstantiated assertions padding our reports and presentations. We gather and analyze good and relevant information -the only information that makes a difference. "

"I survived the real estate recession of the 1980s as a commercial property appraiser, when financial regulators needed appraisal reports that were so large nobody would argue with them. Today the greatest satisfaction I get is providing good advice in a straightforward and concise manner to my clients who ask questions because they want to know the answer, rather than because some regulation says they must have a report." – Mike Rinner, Executive Vice President

Watch Where You're Going

The past is a very safe place. That's why some researchers and analysts like to spend so much time there. But the past won't take you anywhere new - that requires vision. A forward-looking mentality makes our advice adaptable, competitive and ready for the future.

"A recently proposed urban mixed residential project posed unique challenges because there were no examples of similar high density land uses in the area. I analyzed all types of new, resale and rental housing alternatives and the motivations of a varied potential buyer profile. I concluded significant demand exists for new urban infill housing at a higher price per square foot than any existing housing alternatives in the neighborhood." - Beth Culberson, Senior Analyst

See It Through

We'll get involved at any stage of the development process for virtually any scope of work. But frankly, we'd rather not drop off a report we've finished and call it a day - we like to see the job through. Not just because we take pride in the work we do, but because the stronger the relationship, the stronger the result. Which explains why our clients tend to stay our clients.

Do The Right Thing

After all is said and done, our credibility is our most important asset.

"We make sure there's a sound basis for our opinions and recommendations.
We give you straight answers - even if they aren't the ones you want to hear. 
We offer absolute confidentiality.  In short, we do the right thing so we can sleep at night.  So you can sleep at night.
" - Cheri Meyn, Principle