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Market Indicators

A variety of general economic and other indicators are useful to us in our analysis of housing markets. �

Visit the Market Indicators page to download quarterly information for Metro Denver.

Genesis Perspective Newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter, The Genesis Perspective, provides a quick "at a glance" summary of housing market conditions and key market trends.Sign up now to receive our most current quarterly newsletters.


As our firm grows, new product development has naturally become a greater part of our business. We are the experts in customized market studies, however, we now offer in addition to our quarterly Housing Overviews, specialized Market Research and Urban Density Reports. The Genesis Group strives to produce the highest quality products for you.

We are inventors and innovators, never underestimating the value of communication--as it is the foundation of our practice, and continually delivering a clear and concise message based on your needs.

Housing Market Overviews

We now offer a quarterly Housing Overview for three geographic regions: Metropolitan Denver, Northern Colorado and Colorado Springs. These reports are the most informative, written statistical analyses of their kind. They are designed to help you understand the influences driving new home demand in these areas and the current trends affecting these residential real estate markets. 

Data Reports

Our Data Reports are designed to help clients when doing in-house research. They assist in analyzing the interrelationship of lot value to lot size and home price, relative to the market and your particular site.

Western Colorado and Mountain Housing Analysis Reports

As another residential competitive housing market report that we provide, our Mountain and Western Slope reports are written on a semi-annual basis and are the most complete statistical analyses available for the Colorado mountain regions. The Genesis Group offers these reports for three Colorado counties: Grand County, Garfield County, and Mesa County.

Consumer Research - Buyer Profiles

Annually, The Genesis Group executes a large-scale survey as a way of analyzing and tracking buyer preferences and trends relating to new home construction. Survey participants include homebuyers who have purchased a new home within the last 6 months (beginning of 2006), and from all along the Colorado Front Range. Sixty-seven percent of all survey respondents this year purchased a new home within the 7-County Metropolitan Denver area.

From The Genesis Group's 2006 Homebuyer Survey, a wide variety of consumer related information can be tabulated based on buyers of a particular product type, in a specific price point or in a particular location to name a few. For example, with this powerful tool, we can determine buyer preferences and trends for first-time buyers in a specific county, market area or submarket along the Front Range, preferences comparing attached and detached buyers, and the major differences between Metro Denver buyers vs. Northern Colorado buyers for example. From this year's survey we are also able to analyze work and commuting patterns to get a better sense where buyers in a defined area work and to learn just how much of an impact buyers' place of employment made on their decision to buy a new home. A sampling of data is provided here for your review, however, this is only a small portion of information that this data source can provide.

Buyer Profile Sample

Custom Quarterly Reports

The collection of Genesis Group Housing Market Reports can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Please contact us for pricing information.