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CUSTOMIZED Services to Meet Your Needs

The Genesis Group is often asked to help clients with difficult questions, problems and opportunities relating to the new housing industry. As part of our quantitative analysis, we combine additional economic and qualitative data. The work we tackle generally falls into the following categories:

Residential Market & Feasibility Studies

The Genesis Group specializes in market and feasibility studies and provides such reports to answer a variety of housing-related questions. Our clients include land owners interested in the potential of their property for new residential development, developers who want to position a site for maximum appeal to builders and homebuyers, home builders who need specific price and product recommendations, and lenders or other investors who want to know the potential absorption of a particular development.

Land Use & Product Strategies

The Genesis Group is highly skilled in the area of land use. By working on multiple Land Use and Product Strategies throughout Colorado, we are your source for best determining the product offering in a new home community as well as the positioning strategy for the land plan.

Pricing & Absorption Forecasts

As a primary function of our business, Pricing and Absorption Forecasting is one of the many services Genesis is known for. This kind of research is essential as a way of maximizing your opportunity while still remaining competitive in the marketplace.

Qualitative Research: Surveys & Consumer Workshops

A unique service beyond quantitative analysis that The Genesis Group offers is Qualitative Research, or Consumer Research. We feel that in order to fully understand a market, understanding the end user is the key--the homebuyer. Although our customers represent a variety of backgrounds, we are all working for the consumer and trying to create the most attractive living environments. Our Consumer Research division of the company is designed to determine the underlying buyer preferences and motivations that make one community or location more appealing than another. The result of this research also forms the foundation for market studies and product development services.  Learning about the consumer is executed by one of the following methodologies:


Our main job is to minimize your risk and maximize your opportunity. Everything we do is in support of this goal. That is why our recommendations are backed by professional discipline and sound methodologies. We are highly experienced in regional housing market analysis and well equipped to advise the home building industry with land development, marketing and housing product recommendations and development.   Our experience lies in the areas of land planning, finance, sales & marketing, lot development and home construction; ergo, we are able to recognize the potential of a property for new residential development, help position a site, large or small, for maximum appeal and help create housing products designed to best meet market demand. By utilizing our research tools and research staff, personal consulting is one of the most demanded services we offer.